In Malaysia, Ganz bins, benches and other street furniture are the choice brand for global companies’ properties as well as government infrastructure projects.


Ganz street furniture can be seen at major national infrastructures such as theme parks, airports, city train stations, major transport terminals, etc.


We are the choice waste receptacle brand because we make products with exact specifications with a high regard to durability and aesthetics.


There is no requirement that is beyond us. We are prepared for all designs your organisation may require.

Commercial - Resorts World Singapore

(Standard Bins)

Infrastructure - KLIA

(Design Bins & Benches)

Infrastructure - LRT Station Malaysia

(Anti-terrorism Bins)

Residential - Season’s View condo Singapore

(Design Bins)

Theme Park - Legoland Malaysia

(Standard Bins & Benches)

Theme Park -  Zoo Negara

(Recycling Bins)

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